Love You Miss You is a free mobile app that is designed for users to create memorials for people and pets. Stay connected by continuing to celebrate holidays and special occasions.

If loved ones can no longer be in your life, let them live in your heart with Love You Miss You.

Sometimes life becomes too busy, you don’t have time to attend a funeral or viewing or you just can’t bring yourself to going. Love You Miss You is the perfect place to send your regards and leave a token of sincerity.

Death is a harsh reality that everyone on this planet will at some point have to face. Losing a loved one can create an emptiness that sometimes seems will never heal. Everyone reacts differently and uses different coping mechanisms. You may never get over the loss of a loved one. Love You Miss You may help to ease the pain by allowing you to keep a connection with them, heal and rebuild and learn to go on.

Love You Miss You

What Can You Do With LOVE YOU MISS YOU?

Love You Miss You is appropriate for all ages and is very user friendly. Children can easily create memorials for pets and loved ones.

Love You Miss You is not just for memorials. If you have a loved one that is terminally ill, or if a loved one is elderly and you know that your time with them is limited, you can have that person create a serenity garden, or a happy place to visit. When the sad day arrives, you can place their memorial at that site. You can cherish the memory knowing that you created the page together.

Users may decorate the memorial page, such as providing/arranging accessories, changing the background, creating a grave stone and much more. You can also receive gifts from friends which will contain accessories the user can add to the memorial.

An in-app shop will be available for decorations to use or send as a gift to other friends.

Create a Memory

Basic Info

The main screen will show your memories. You can choose an area to place the grave stone. The stone can be moved to any location after the memory has been created. When you tap on a tombstone, it will be expanded. You can also tap on “create a memory” to create a new memory.
Enter the loved one’s picture, name, birth year and death year(optional).

Create A Memory

Fine Details

This screen will show the memories made by the user.

This screen shows the user’s list of friends. User can click on a friend’s name to view the friends’ profile.

This screen allows the user to search for possible friends using the app. User can click on “Add as a Friend” button to send a friend request to the other user.

This screen will show users pending friend requests or approved friend requests as well as gifts or messages sent by the user’s friends to the user’s loved one. When the user has opened the notification, a “Thank You” note will be sent to the sender.

A user can purchase a gift that he can send to a friend’s loved one or as an accessory to his/her loved one’s memory here. The user will be able to purchase a hummingbird feeder and a birthbath so when user has this on a loved one’s memory, hummingbirds will automatically show up on a loved one’s memory page.

This screen will show the user’s own profile. This will give the user a chance to see how his/her friends sees his/her profile in the app.

The user has the option to change Language (available in Spanish and English)

The user can also view messages left by other users on a friend’s loved one and leave a message as well.

The user can send a gift to a friend’s loved one.


Your memory will live on in your heart forever.

A personal note:

Thank you for taking the time to read our web page. We sincerely hope that this app can bring peace and comfort to everyone that uses it. If there is something that you would like added to the in-app purchases, if you would like a different background, or if you have any suggestions for changes to the app, please send your thoughts to us. All feedback will be reviewed and considered for future updates.

If you would be willing to place our business cards in a location that is convenient to the public, please send us your mailing information and we will get them to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again.

Together Forever

Don’t be afraid to remember.

You will have the chance to say, each and every day, I love you and I miss you.


A personal note

My daughter developed a crush on a boy when she was in 7th grade.  Later, during her teen years, she started dating him and was head over heels in love with him.

One night the boy was involved in a very unfortunate accident which took his life.  My daughter was devastated.  After the funeral, she would go to his grave site every day.  She loved him and wanted to be near him or at least his spirit.  This was very painful to watch, as I went with her a few times.  I’ll have to give it to her,  she went every day/night for about two months.  But then, she had to start going on with her life.  She had other obligations that took her time and did not allow her to visit his site every day.  She felt guilty for not visiting, but to keep up that routine was impossible.

I believe that if she had our app “Love You Miss You” she would have had the ability to stay in touch with him even on her busiest days.  That was over 15 years ago.  Losing a loved one can cut your heart in a way that it will never fully heal, but time can help ease the pain.

If you are suffering from the loss of a loved one, please try our app.  You can create a memorial and visit as often as you like, absolutely free.